Entry #4

I would make a post

2013-05-04 20:04:50 by PMMurphy

But my post count is at 777


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2013-05-04 21:32:20

You want to preserve this count?

PMMurphy responds:

for now...

I'll leave this here until after finals.


2013-05-05 09:06:09

How's your genetic algorithm?

PMMurphy responds:

they are cool you should check them out.

They can acheive lots of really cool stuff. When i learn how to program a GA or EA that shows its capabilities in a gui or game ill post one on the site.

Or you can find this game and install it called 3d Evolution monsters.

Thats pretty much an evolutionary algorithm that makes that program possible.


2013-05-07 07:14:34

It's 776, guess you'll get a chance to make that post anyway! :D

I'm more concerned of getting back to my daily posts count of 6,66...

(Updated ) PMMurphy responds:

what? a post of mine got deleted?


2013-05-09 02:32:27

Don't sweat it, everybody gets posts deleted occasionally. It's usually not specific posts, but rather spam threads people have posted in that get deleted. The more you post the more noticeable it gets. :/

PMMurphy responds:

my care level is in the negatives anyway.


2013-05-09 08:23:09

Great way to stay positive! :P

PMMurphy responds:

wooooot! :D


2013-06-14 20:03:30

You worked so hard and got the Jackpot :D

PMMurphy responds:


Yea bro, i did well on my finals too. But the whole superstitious thing got screwed over. I bet someone did it on purpose.


2013-06-24 01:31:02

But I read 1911? :/

PMMurphy responds:

yea its an old post.


2013-07-01 08:43:00


PMMurphy responds:

XD thanks for the post


2013-07-04 05:32:38

When was the last time it read 666?

PMMurphy responds:

im not sure. My IQ is average so i can't memorize shit like that. Creativity and IQ are different.


2013-07-30 23:27:12


PMMurphy responds:



2014-10-26 05:16:33

Who aer you?! :0

PMMurphy responds:

i think the real question is. Who are you?


2014-10-27 01:41:05

I'm a nobody. D:

PMMurphy responds:

im a crazy person