Entry #1

Hello i am new to this website!

2012-05-27 00:41:49 by PMMurphy

My name is Patrick Murphy i am 21 years old currently a Computer Science major at Delaware State University. I also have a hobby for drawing and art in general. My senior year of high school i was offered a 20k scholorship to Midwestern State University to be a fine arts major. I turned it down and decided to move with my family instead of living in texas while they moved to delaware. While i was in delaware i set my goals to getting into Cooper Union. I joined workshops with professional artists and made the conclusion my art is not good enough for this feild and ultimately decided to pursue a career in computer science which i found and discovered a new passion i now have.

I will upload my art soon, for now ill just link you to my DeviantArt account.
the work found on my deviantart account are various sketches and things ive been working on at home with the supplies i have. ( i dont spend alot of money on art)

For anyone who is interested you can and i will more then likely appreciate it if you made a request for me to draw something for you. Its free of charge.

Nice to be apart of this community and i hope you like my art!


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